America’s Seniors Need Your Help

For the first time in over a decade, Congress is cooperating on a bipartisan basis to fix Medicare payments.

As a result of a deeply flawed provision known as the Sustainable Growth Rate formula (SGR), on April 1st of this year, Medicare will slash payments by 24% – virtually every expert on healthcare agrees that this will devastate our senior’s access to vital medical services. In the past, rather than dealing with the cause of the problem, partisan bickering has resulted in 17 temporary “patches.” This may happen again if enough legislators do not vote to fix this provision.

On Thursday, the US House of Representatives will vote on a bill that will permanently repeal and replace the flawed SGR formula with a common-sense approach that will encourage high quality care, eliminate redundant bureaucracy and streamline onerous regulations all while preserving access to services.

Although there is broad bipartisan support for this bill, passage is far from certain. There are pockets of resistance from extremists on both sides of the aisle. Your representative needs to hear from you – numbers count, and every phone call they get in favor of this bill is a step closer to our goal.

Please call your Congressional representative ( urging her/him to support the legislation that repeals and replaces the Sustainable Growth Rate formula for Medicare payments.

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