AUCNY Launched Telemedicine Services

  • To minimize risk, AUCNY is now offering patients who do not need to travel to the office telemedicine visits as an alternative.
  • To schedule a telemedicine visit, call your AUCNY office during office hours and request a telemedicine appointment.

What is a telemedicine visit?

  • A telemedicine visit is a face-to-face online conversation with your doctor done from the safety of your home.
  • During this virtual visit, your physician can evaluate symptoms, diagnose and treat your issue. Should a prescription be necessary, your doctor will electronically send the request to your pharmacy.
  • You and your doctor will be able to share lab tests and images, and order whatever testing is needed during the visit

Can all urology appointments be done via telemedicine?

  • Call your AUCNY office to see if you are eligible for a telemedicine appointment.

What do I need to set up a telemedicine appointment?

  • All you need is a Smartphone, computer or tablet with a camera and a Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection to participate. The application will not work using cellular data.

Will my insurance cover my telemedicine visit?

  • We are accepting all insurance plans for telemedicine.

If I need to be seen by my doctor, is the office open?

  • We are committed to your health and our offices are open to care for you.
  • Everyone entering the office will be required to undergo routine screening as recommended by the Department of Health. 
  • We will observe proper social distancing in the office, and if appropriate, you will be able to wait for your appointment from your car.
  • To limit exposure, only individuals required for patient communication and mobility will be permitted to enter the office.

We encourage you to use this exciting new service so we can both take care of your health and protect your safety.